Mount Stelfox, Via Ferrata

A Via Ferrata, which means "Iron Way" in Italian, is a climbing route that utilizes steel cables, rungs or ladders fixed to the rock. Climbers attach a harness with two shock-absorbing leashes to secure themselves to the metal fixtures and minimize the risk of falling. The cables and other fixtures, including iron rungs, pegs, carved steps, and ladders and bridges, provide both footholds and handholds. This allows climbers to ascend routes without the dangers of unprotected scrambling or the need for technical climbing gear.

The origins of the Via Ferrata can be traced back to the nineteenth century, but they are commonly associated with the First World War. During this time, several Via Ferratas were constructed in the Dolomite mountain region of Italy to assist the movement of troops.

Head out on this 2.6-km loop trail near Clearwater County, Alberta. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 1 h 32 min to complete.

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